At Pet Care Coalition, Inc., our mission is to support the human-animal bond by providing high-quality, compassionate, low-cost veterinary care to underprivileged pets by strengthening community-based partnerships, recruiting volunteers, and building animal care collaborations.

Our Story

Genevieve (Ginny) Forster, DVM, Ph.D. and Crystal Sinner met while working at a nonprofit veterinary clinic catering to pets from low-income backgrounds. Seeing the need for more sources of low-cost, high-quality care, Ginny and Crystal conceived of Pet Care Coalition, Inc. 

We both saw countless people who weren’t financially able to give their pets the care they needed. When faced with the cost of a dental surgery, which has an average cost of $1,000 to $3,500, many owners were faced with heart-breaking decisions; where should their scarce money go: to housing or to veterinary care?

We believe no pet owner should have to decide between rent and veterinary care, which is why we formed Pet Care Coalition, Inc. in February 2020, and received our 501(c)(3) status in June 2020. As the pandemic wreaks havoc on the state’s economy, the need for low-cost care has become even more critical. 

Pet Care Coalition, Inc. prioritizes providing care to disadvantaged communities, veterans, rescue animals, seniors, and others who historically have not had access to veterinary services.

Meet Our Team

Genevieve (Ginny) Forster


Dr. Forster graduated from the combined DVM-PhD program at Colorado State University in 2017. Her research focus was preventing chronic disease in dogs using diet ingredients with known health promoting activity. This sparked a passion for preventing disease in companion animals. She joined PetAid Animal Hospital and discovered a second passion in helping families with limited resources care for their pets.
After working as a relief veterinarian along the front range, she routinely saw dogs and cats with painful dental disease that was often so severe that many owners were unable to afford the extensive oral surgery required for treatment. As her awareness of this problem grew, her commitment to alleviating suffering and passion for preventing disease combined in the idea for forming a non-profit, low-cost veterinary clinic for pet owners facing severe financial constraints.
Dr. Forster practices incremental medicine, an approach that is patient-centered, experience-based, and focused on problem-solving to help pets and their families achieve the best outcomes. She is grateful to each patient and pet owner for teaching her something new, mentors who share from their experience, and the Pet Care Coalition team of staff and volunteers who all come together to help alleviate suffering.

Crystal Sinner

With more than 25 years of experience as a veterinary technician and practice manager, Crystal has used her skills in both medical and administrative positions: she has worked at a for-profit clinic, a low-cost clinic, a non-profit clinic, and a shelter, where she created and ran a mobile surgical unit; she also helped open and run a low-cost spay and neuter facility. In every work setting, Crystal saw how animals needlessly suffered because of veterinary costs the owner was unable to pay, which is what led her to open the Pet Care Coalition, Inc. with Dr. Forster.

Crystal’s unique experiences with veterans and people with disabilities have only deepened her dedication to bringing high-quality veterinary care to communities that need it the most.

Crystal lives with her husband and their fur babies and has an associate’s degree with an emphasis in business management. She is a certified animal care specialist, has a certificate for animal welfare, and another one for leading and motivating others. She is currently completing her bachelors in operations.

Rianda Copeland, BA

Patient Care Coordinator and Technician

Hello, I'm one of the veterinary technicians at Pet
Care Coalition, and I have been working in
veterinary medicine for 21 years, working as a
receptionist and technician.

I am a Colorado Native with a BA in Audiology
and Speech Pathology from UNC in Greeley, and
an AS in Veterinary Technology from CCD in
Denver. I have worked mostly with cats, in an all
cat practice and at a cat only shelter, and now am
enjoying working with dogs and cats. My
specialties are neonatal kittens.

My free time is spent with my pets, creating photo
art, and playing video games with my niece and
nephew. I'm looking forward to being at PCC for
a long time!

Billy Deinken

Client Service Representative

Billy joined us a client service representative
in March.

Billy brings over 20 years of experience with
him as a receptionist and veterinary assistant.
We wish him love and support and healing
until he is able to rejoin us.

He has founded a non-profit to help people
take care of the their pets and in his off time,
works to make the world a better place.

Nicole McGeeney, B.S.

Social Media Marketer

Nicole is Pet Care Coalition's remote employee;
working out of Canon City, Colorado where she
lives with her husband, three children, 4 dogs, and
two cats.

Nicole’s primary role is our Social Media
Marketer, but she fills the gaps in projects and day
to day activities wherever she can and is needed.
An employee since the doors opened, she enjoys
connecting with the lives that Pet Care Coalition
touches and feeling like she has helped clients/or

She doesn’t have much time to spare outside of
work and family, but when she does she enjoys
reading and embroidery, and much of her time is
spent in the garden or canning produce.