Current and Upcoming Events

October Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic

Healthy Pets ONLY!

How it works

  1. Click on image, scan QR code, or CLICK HERE to get to the event page
  2. Click orange button that reads ‘Get Ticket’ to purchase a ticket for $17.50 to reserve your time (There will be a small transaction fee of about $3.00.)

PLEASE NOTE: This is for HEALTHY pets only. If your pet needs to see a doctor you will have to set up an appointment.

$17.50 will be taken off your final bill the day of the event. We are sorry, but this charge is non-refundable even if you are unable to attend.

Please fill out ALL needed information on ticket, including phone number. We need this for registration purposes. If you have already brought your pet to see us, you can write ‘seen’.

  1. Select the one time that would work best for you (9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, or 12:30)
  2. Purchase ONE ticket to bring in ALL your dogs and cats for discounted vaccines. (Even if you have 8 dogs, purchase ONE ticket)
  3. Bring your furry friends in at the beginning of your selected time on Friday, June 23rd.
  4. Pay bill, $17.50 will be taken off.
  5. Leave with a happy, healthy pet and home!


Past Events

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