Every Pet Deserves a High Quality, Compassionate, Veterinary Team.

Regardless of Financial Limitations & Regardless of Circumstances!

Your pet may qualify for discounted care if your household yearly income is less than $56,000 for one person; $64,000 for 2 people. If there are more than 2 people in your household, add $8,000 for each additional member of your household or give us a call to verify qualification.

If you make less than $42,000 per year, or are receiving government subsidies (e.g., SSI/SSDI, EBT, Medicare, or others) or you are a veteran, you may qualify for additional discounts.

Income Qualification Chart
People in household
Level 1 Discount
Level 2 Discount

Qualifying for veterinary care is simple. Please bring proof of income, government assistance, or veteran benefits to your pet’s first appointment.

For any additional household members, add $8,000 for level 1 and $6,000 for level 2.

*We use 80% of the Area Median Income from CHFA/HUD for income qualification.

**Individuals on SSI/SSDI, Medicare, EBT, or Veteran’s Benefits qualify for the Level 2 discount.

Payment Options

Still Need Help?

We now offer payment arrangements with a small down payment and direct monthly debit from a bank account or a credit card. Arrangements are processed through VetBilling.com. For more information about how VetBilling works for pet owners, please visit their website at Vetbilling.com. There are also links to respected organizations that offer grant-based veterinary financial assistance.